Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dignity House : Plan of Action


DIGNITY HOUSE PROJECT:Save Water             

House Mantra  -     ‘For Sustainability,  catch them young’

To make the project effective and popular among the students, all activities are designed in such a way that it will generate energy, interest and enthusiasm.
To bring continuity and awareness, the activities in the programme is grouped in three levels for all the classes and time again, competition will be held within the house to keep the spirit going.


Level 1 : Local

1.         Movie making of your own family and friends
·         Negative aspect: Commonly used wrong practices of wasting water like overflow of taps, bathing by shower, wasting water during brushing and so on.
·         Positive aspect: practice of judicious reuse of water like reuse for washing car, cleaning verandah, for watering plants and so on.

2.         Water Awareness Hunt

·         House brigades will prepare a collage from waste materials showing use of water.
·         Rest will find as many flaws as they can from the collage. Collage with minimum flaws will be rewarded.

Level 2 : School - Participation of different stakeholders at school

1.      Design the pledge
·         “To prevent water war, save our water footprints. We pledge ………..”
(Pledge to be designed in meaningful way and must be circulated amongst each other)

Level 3 : Community level

1.        March-past on water conservation in the school and in neighborhood.
·         Circulating self-made bookmarks on save water.
·         Creating self-designed posters/slogans & pasted in areas like water taps, canteen
·         Reciting Slogans during march-past.


House In-charge – Seema Agarwal


  1. Thank you very much Kush Sharma for designing this blog.
    You have made all the house brigades accessible under one roof.
    Now we all will keep interacting and updating activities regarding the project Save Water in the school through this blog.
    House In charge- Seema Agarwal

  2. Precious gift given to us by God,save it for future."Water the elixir of life"