Sunday, 14 September 2014

                                    Shobhit Chauhan

Young environment and activist has shown a path…

Shobhit Chauhan, 22,is a social activist and environment activist has been instrumental in bringing many positive changes in the society. One of such work under the banner of Ek Sangarsh, an NGO created with his school friends to work for the society.
One big issue is reviving and developing water bodies in Dwarka. This can be a very good solution to solve this crisis of water scarcity. The group is able to revive two water bodies in Dwarka with the help of community participation and is working for the other water bodies.
A Big thanks to all such wonderful young citizens.

Source:HT September 13,2014.


  1. Goodluck to Shobhit and his friends. People like you are going to bring a visible will definitely be a inspiration to the future brigades.

  2. Wow an amazing story. It was soooooo nice of him that he thought for his society..
    A very thanx and goodluck to him