Thursday, 11 February 2016

At the closure of session 2015-16, the Dignity House extend thanks to all, the Principal Madam, Ms Neelam Talwar, Faculty members, House brigades and all the cooperative house members. This session was full of activities, where in we enjoyed the regular house duties along with cultural bonanza.
The extended school activities our house was involved in :

1. Investiture Ceremony :- Handing over ceremony to elected house council. From classes XI and XII

2. Special Morning Assembly:- 15th August 2015 (Tenure I)
  • Speech by Shrey                            : XI
  • Inact poem by Kritik and Priyal : X
  • Song by Shubham and Sahil        : XI
  • Dance and orchestra                     : School choir

3. Spectrum 2015 :- 
  • Play - Directed and Concept by Ms Charu Bawa 
  • Speech by famous personalities - Given by Kush Sharma ( 2nd Place )
  • Poem recitation by famous poets - Given by Harshita ( 3rd Place ) 
Overall house position III ! 

Nukkad Natak by our house! 

Poem recitation by Harshita of class X-E

Speech given by Kush Sharma of class X-C
House photograph along with Principal Mam and Judges

4. Special Morning Assembly - 26th January 2016 (Tenure II)
  • Speech by Vaibhav Jain                            XI
  • Song by Shubham and Sahil                     XI
  • Dance performance                                    IX & X 
  • Orchestra                                                    School choir        

Compiled by :- 
                         House In Charge : Ms Seema Agarwal
                         Blog In Charge : Kush Sharma ( X-C )

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