Monday, 17 April 2017

Good evening house members,

Nurturing and Exploring new minds and Human Stock for the year 2017-18

In the house meeting it was decided to encourage and explore new volunteers who will contribute  their support and efforts in the smooth running of house tenure for the year 2017-18.
for your information our promising hose brigades of class xii are listed as below :
Yatharth Bisht xii A
Avdesh Tuteja xii A
Nidhi Mittal xii B
Dheeraj Rathi xii B
Vishal Kumar xii C
Tanya Goyal xii D
Aanchal Jain xii D
Muskan Malhotra xii E
 Muskan Mehta xii E
Itesh Arora xii E
Vanshika Munjal xii E
Jhanvi Raval xii F
Aarti Tkakur xii F
Harshita xii G
Divita xii G
Srishthi xii G
Manu xii G
Priyal xii H
Radhika Jaiprakashxii H
Kirti Krishnan xii H
Aaj Sikri xii H
Sharandeep xii H

Best of luck to all the Students and Teachers for the new beginning.
House In-charge
Seema Agarwal

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