Monday, 21 August 2017

Endeavours of class VII

Dear students and Teachers,

Adhering to our project "Save Water", the students of class VII made posters to promote conservation of the blue diamond. The students also kept a hawk's eye at the water taps to control and check running of the taps. They also utilized the leftout water in their water bottles to water the plants. Every possible measure was taken to ensure that the water is not wasted by anyone.

Teacher Coordinators:

  • Ms.  Ritambhara Gupta
  • Ms. Suman Hastir
  • Ms. Suman Abrol

1 comment:

  1. commendable efforts by all the teachers and students of class vii.we all are impressed with your sincere efforts.Good luck n keep continue to work for the safety of this scarcer yet indispensable resource. Seema Agarwal PGT, Geography.