Thursday, 10 August 2017

Plan of Action for the Tenure 2017-2018

Dear students and house Teachers,

As you all know this year our house tenure begins from 29.july 2017 to 24.august 2017. We will be doing host of activities in the school and will be updating you through our house blog, a very strong media to disseminate information across students and teachers.

In this tenure our main focus will be on the use of English Conversational skill picking four components LS R W- listening, Speaking. Reading and Writing. Our objective is to make our learner read, realise, understand and analyse the focus approach towards english language and learn how to structure the content.

We would also continue to work on the project " Save Water" ; For sustainability catch them young.
Class viii students under the guidance of Ms. Alpana and Ms. Ritu our house teachers have done an activity on Water Conservation. A sample work done by all the students is posted for sharing with all of you.
House In-charge
Seema Agarwal


  1. Thanks Vandana madam for acknowledging the team efforts.

  2. Dignity House doing a great job towards water conservation.

  3. Thanks Neeta. We can promote our students n parents to use this page more often and keep giving suggestions to explore more ways n means to conserve water.